• Instruction

        HiveSweeper - Enter HiveSweeper Games! Millions of players combat to become the leader. How skilled are you? Get in the arena now.

      • Controls

        Mouse Movement - Use the mouse to move your bee around. Left Mouse Button - Left click to claim "safe" tiles Right Mouse Button - Right click to claim "trap" tiles. Click & Drag - Click the left mouse button and drag to pan the camera around the hive. Click on a highlighted tile next to your territory to claim it. You can only claim tiles that are touching territory you already own. You can pan the camera around by clicking and dragging anywhere on the screen to get a better view of your surroundings. The number on any given tile will clue you in on how many traps are touching that tile. If there are no numbers, that means every tile touching that one is safe. If you suspect a tile to have a trap, you can right click on it to flag it, but don't make a mistake! Left-clicking a trap or incorrectly flagging a safe tile will lose you the game. You can eliminate other players by claiming all of their tiles, or by tricking them into activating your traps. If you want to see how well you're doing, the scoreboard in the top right will show your progress and that of others.

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        Apr 21 2020