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      • Controls

        - Press and hold where you want to go, and the queen bee will head there. You could also use the arrow keys to move your queen around. - Place a hive with the New Hive button (Hotkey: 2). - Press a nearby hive cell to select it. Place eggs in it with the Lay Egg button (Hotkey: 3). - Foragers collect pollen and nectar from flowers and bring it back to the hive. - Nurses gather collected pollen bee bread and feed it to your larva, beginning their transition into full-grown workers. - Builders eat honey and build new cells into the hive. - Press Attack to toggle alarm pheromones (Hotkey: 4). Your workers will begin attacking nearby rival bees, mites, and wasps. - Varroa mites are parasitic insects which will hitch a ride on your workers to your brood where they will kill them and reproduce. - Nurse bees will groom mites off other workers. You could also use Attack to have your workers kill nearby mites. - Create an account in the main menu by clicking 'Login' and entering a new email and password. - If logged in with a player account, clicking Eat Honey will add it to your account. Honey can be used to purchase new playable bee species and skins. Play as a bumble bee, cat bee, violet bees, or blue bees.

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        Apr 23 2020