Strike Tactics

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        Strike Tactics - Enter Strike Tactics Games! Millions of players combat to become the leader. How skilled are you? Get in the arena now.

      • Controls

        At the beginning of the game in standard game mode, your command center is automatically built and your worker units will automatically start to collect resources. There are two types of resources in Strike Tactics: carbon and ore. Ore is collected from ore plots (yellow rectangles on the mini map) and carbon is collected from trees. While you have some of your workers selected, right click on a tree or ore plot to begin collecting. The workers will automatically harvest the resource and then drop it off in the nearest command center or silo. Build silos close to resource locations for optimal worker efficiency. In the early game, you want to start building carbon-based units which are generally cheaper. The Bullfrog or Merk from the Mech Factory are good choices. The Merk is a cheap anti-air unit and the bullfrog is a light assault mech, good against early game ground.

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        Apr 24 2020